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About us - Our Team

Just Jörg and Marie Krizenecka - Tango
We teach real life Tango and easy to learn.
We started Studio12 in 2015. Young dynamic and joyful Tango.
We dance variety of Tango, from Tango Nuevo to Tango Salon, depending on the music, and this results in our own unique style.
I am professional dancer since 1990s in various dances. I was Ballroom winner German Rankinglist, 10 years Salsa, and also IDO World Champion in Breakdance with my crew "Dancefloor Destruction Crew". I am certified dance sport trainer.
Maja dances Tango already more than 10 years and teaches with me since 2013, also we competed at World Championship in Buenos Aires.
We danced Shows for Mercedes Benz, Workshopfestival Düsseldorf, Workshops in Germany and Czech Republic.
So we have some experience, we can give to your Tango.
We give you in our classes an easy start and a lot of freedom for your improvisations, lets enjoy together.

Lucia dances with Jörg since end of 2016, teachings since 2017 together.
They are new Tango / Nuevo combination, dancing on dance festivals, showing new ways of Tango, new music and styles.
She is professional dancer and booked worldwide for Zouk and now joining with big impact the Tango world.
Their show is actually everytime a new creation by improvisation. Thats what makes it to watch them so interesting. You can never expect to see the same.

Martin Vaigl

V minulosti jsem se věnoval standardním, latinskoamerickým tancům a rokenrolu. Když jsem před léty objevil argentinské tango, řekl jsem si, že tohle je fakt dobrý. Vše co si ti dva vzájemně na parketu povolí je dovoleno a že přes spoustu pravidel, které argentinské tango má, nemá zároveň pravidlo žádné.
Argentinské tango: poziční hra, kde záměr učinil neprovedený krok (pohyb) za zrealizovaný.
Motto: Uč se všechno od všech, ale všechno dělej po svém, neboť nikdo jiný než ty sám tě tango nenaučí.

Ondrej Vicenik
Elegant, technically skilled and smooth, that is Ondrej.
Dancing many years tango, he can give you fast and clear improvement of your dance.
He is often seen on local Milongas, international Tango Marathons and for sure in our courses as sensitive and helpful teacher.

Andrea Markovic
Danced already other social dances and found her Tango love.
Her style is creative, decorative and elegant, seen on milongas and festivals,we are happy to have her as assistant in our team.
Andrea, beautiful Tango.

Van Anh Nguyenova
Van is one of Pragues fastest growing and dance addicted Tango dancers.
We are proud that she joined our team as assistant for courses and sharing the spirit and energy of Tango.